Lindsay Perry Shoe Customizable Product Catalogue

A customizable shoe catalogue.

Lindsay Perry Shoes
Customizable Catalogue
The team assigned to this project was tasked with designing a catalogue that could be customized to potential distributers of these "sexy kicks". Anne Smythe sourced an elegant metal 2 hole binder that we could emboss.
Each product had it's own product card that could be removed and left behind with a potential customer along with a stunning business card.
The real hero of this story is Jenn Bennett who served as Art Director. She brought the template I designed to life with well-thought-out colour swatch placement and stellar colour correction. She did the heavy lifting on this one, and the results were well-received.
This project is a trip down Marmora Lane (No, that's not a typo. Just an inside joke). I wanted to post it to highlight the benefits of good teamwork. Nice piece. Still holds up (*2005).
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