Trini Open Golf Tournament Emblem

Trinidadian Golf Tournament Emblem

A symbol of good sportsmanship
In 1973, my family moved to Canada from Trinidad. My mother and her 12 brothers and sisters adopted Canadian traditions. Among them, the sport of golf.
In 1978 my uncles and their friends formed the first annual Trini OpenThey spray painted old golf shoes and bent clubs with gold paint and mounted them to blocks of wood for trophies: 
"Most frustrated Golfer" etc.
The photos from the banquets are in photo album volumes and filled with Trini-Canadian "Tom-foolery". My Dad was right in there with his brother-in-laws. Golf is in this family's blood.
Over the years, it grew. In size and reputation.
Today, my Brother has taken on the responsibility of keeping this tradition alive. I'm not a good golfer myself, so I have contributed this logo instead. It's the least I can do for an event that has kept this family tight. My Gran would have approved.
- It looks great on a white golf shirt against sun burned skin.
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